New Facebook Insights for Page Admins

If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook has quietly introduced a new set of insight analytics for Facebook Page admins, which provides better detail on how well their stories engage their audience.

The update makes it easier for users to interpret the data and includes great visuals to display user interactions and total reach of the content.   One of the new data points ‘People Talking About This’, informs page admins the number of people who created a story about your page. 

Upon initial login, page admins will be alerted to take a 5 step tour of the new layout and get themselves familiar with the new data. If you have already “skipped” the tour or want to take it again it is always available to you from the settings dropdown in the top right corner.   

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the new data and graphs that Facebook provides.
When a page admin initially logs into Facebook Insights the ‘Important Metrics’ are displayed with a graphical representation below.

Like the old Insights, the basic metrics will continue to be displayed, but modified with cleaner and easy to comprehend graphs. New data and graphs include how many people are talking about your page and the viral reach that the content is creating.

Like in the previous version, users are still able to export their data, but only as far back as July 19th and users can only filter data for a span of 89 days. It’s still uncertain if the date range will expand going forward, but either way the updated reports are a nice feature to allow admins a way to verify their social media efforts are targeting the right audience.

If you have any stories or tips on using the new Insights, please share them in the comments section below.