SxSW Interactive 2011 Attendee Recap and Discussion April 6th at Illinois Technology Association

SxSW Interactive has received more than its fair share of press coverage in the past several weeks.  The blowout conference is billed as the "hip" place to be for new media companies, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, UX architects and social media mavens.

Please join KeyLimeTie on Wednesday, April 6th from 3:00-5:00pm at the Illinois Technology Association, 200 S. Wacker Dr., 15th Floor for a SxSW Interactive 2011 Attendee Recap and Discussion by area attendees of SxSW Interactive in Austin, TX. To attend, please RSVP on the ITA website.

KeyLimeTie Presents:
SxSW Interactive 2011 Attendee Recap and Discussion

Sponsored by Illinois Technology Association

If you attended SxSW, this is your chance to meet with fellow attendees, compare notes, and reinforce what you learned.  If you did not attend, come hear firsthand accounts from people who went.  Share your opinions and hear others thoughts.  Is SxSW worth attending next year?  Is it "over," or just evolving?  What are the key takeaways?  How are Chicago companies taking what they have learned and applying it to their businesses?  This session will feature both a moderated panel and an open discussion.

Tim Courtney, Director, Marketing & Brand Strategy, KeyLimeTie (@timcourtney)
Barbara Maldonado, Social Media Strategist, Legacy Marketing Partners (@bmaldonado)
Brad Flora, CEO, NowSpots & WindyCitizen (@bradflora)
Scott Robbin, Code & Development, Weightshift (@srobbin)

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Special thanks to our hosting sponsors, the Illinois Technology Association and our participating panelists.