Move Over Like Button, Facebook Releases the Send Button

Facebook Send Button

Last week, Facebook announced their new Send Button. Similar to the Like button seen on most up-to-date websites, the Send button connects the page you are currently visiting to your social network on Facebook. This helps make the web more "social" for users, and it also further secures Facebook's dominance as the most popular US website and most widely used social network.

How does the Send Button work? It appears on a website just like the Like button. Instead of publishing a "Like" to your news feed, the Send Button allows you to send any Facebook friend group a private message with a link to the current web page. For website owners, the Send Button makes it much easier for visitors to share your content directly with the people who are most interested.

KeyLimeTie is integrating the Send button on applicable websites moving forward. Can you think of ways your web visitors could benefit from this new feature? If it's been a while since you have refreshed your website, and you're looking to take advantage of social sharing and social media to promote your offerings, give KeyLimeTie a call at 630.598.9016.