New Windows Phone 7 App for Naperville Running Company

NRC Runner Windows Phone App
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We're thrilled to announce the release the Naperville Running Company app for Windows Phone, based upon our earlier iOS version. The Naperville Running Company app allows users to calculate their run pace, view recent store news, upcoming events, and receive alerts on things related to the store. If you have Zune installed on your PC, you can download the app from the Marketplace.

Microsoft invited KeyLimeTie COO Brian Pautsch (@brianpautsch) and CIO Peter Morano (@petermorano) to attend an intensive, week-long Windows Phone development accelerator where Microsoft made their WP7 developer trainers available to assist with projects, with the aim of releasing apps to the store that week. With Microsoft pushing development on the platform aggressively, KeyLimeTie is seeing more opportunity to reach customers on this intuitive platform that is a natural extension of the team's .NET development capabilities.

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