Windows Phone Rapidly Growing, App Development Opportunities

Consumers are showing increased interest in Windows Phone 7 devices, known for their fresh, intuitive user interfaces with a clean design. Microsoft is well poised as a contender in the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Google. At KeyLimeTie, we're seeing growing interest from clients as well, and are engaged in several projects to take existing iOS and Android apps and build WP7 versions of them.

Analysts have projected that WP7 could overtake the iPhone's marketshare as early as 2015. Today the WP7 app marketplace is still in its infancy, so getting an app in the Marketplace now allows for more visibility, and there's really an opportunity for the best apps to ride the platform to success as it grows. Microsoft is even offering co-marketing opportunities to promote popular or name brand apps. With the "Mango" update expected in the fall, "WP7's capabilities will be on par with iOS and Android," says Peter Morano, CIO at KeyLimeTie.

Another advantage of Windows Phone is the rich developer tools Microsoft provides; these tools allow for rapid development of WP7 apps, which means these apps can cost significantly less to develop than their iOS and Android counterparts. Microsoft invited KeyLimeTie COO Brian Pautsch (@brianpautsch) and CIO Peter Morano (@petermorano) to attend an intensive, week-long Windows Phone development accelerator where Microsoft made their WP7 developer trainers available to assist with projects, with the aim of releasing apps to the store that week. With Microsoft pushing development on the platform aggressively, KeyLimeTie is seeing more opportunity to reach customers on this intuitive platform that is a natural extension of the team's .NET development capabilities.

Need Windows Phone Development?

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