Weighing Importance of SEO Factors - Periodic Table of SEO Elements

We receive our fair share of questions regarding Search, SEO, and Google. How can we get our site to rank higher? What is the most important SEO factor? There are many ideas, opinions, and explanations of what factors into the algorithms.

Periodic Table of SEO Elements View the full Periodic Table of SEO Elements on Search Engine Land

A couple of months ago, the guys over at Search Engine Land put together this Periodic Table of SEO Elements. It’s a high level overview highlighting the most important factors in Content, HTML, Architecture, Linking, Social, Trust, and Personal, and also notes things not to do to avoid negative consequences.

Instead of hard-and-fast lists of SEO "DOs" and "DO NOTs," this infographic assigns a weight to each element and breaks out the chart into multiple categories (On Site, Off Site, Violations, and Blocking) and sub categories (Content, HTML, Social, etc). This makes it easier to note the relative impact an action will have on your overall SEO rankings.

It also emphasizes that fresh, high quality, engaging content is among the leading drivers for the search engines and ultimately the user, which is just with what Google has been stressing in recent news and through the Google Panda update. The chart underscores that no single factor will guarantee results. Over 20 other factors go into search rankings (both positive and negative). Most “on page” factors, elements like Titles, Headers, Meta Tags, and URLs, have been common in the SEO industry for years. Whereas, some "off page" elements are new to the practice and might take some time to develop. Practitioners have been focusing efforts on elements like Shares, Social Media, and Reputation over the last 12 months.

Finally, there are elements that are usually associated with "black hat" tactics, such as Stuffing, Hidden tags, Link Spam, and of course thin content. These will result with a negative impact on the website.

This infographic is a great resource for both people new to the SEO world and people that work in the industry on a daily basis. It’s a great source to refer to when creating new content and web pages. Search Engine Land did a great job of simplifying how these complex concepts are communicated. The Periodic Table of SEO Elements makes it easier to both practice good SEO and communicate good SEO practices to clients.