KeyLimeTie CEO Chris Pautsch Quoted in Crain's Chicago Business

We're thrilled that our CEO, Chris Pautsch, was quoted in two separate Crain's Chicago Buisness articles surrounding mobile apps. Crain's approached Chris to comment on what works about the business applications area CEOs such as Billy Dec of Rockit Ranch Productions, Helmut Jahn (Murphy/Jahn), and Justin Seidenberg (Kiqstart Music) swear by.

Here are the quotes, with links to articles:

"A (video chat) app like Skype provides an extra layer of interaction that helps reinforce your message. If you have to air a grievance or a concern, a visual rendering can carry a lot more weight," says Chris Pautsch, CEO of KeyLimeTie LLC." Quoted in: The apps: Skype, GoogDocs || The user: Justin Seidenberg, owner, Kiqstart Music.

"An app like that allows (Mr. Jahn) to work directly in the same digital medium he uses to present his work," says Chris Pautsch, CEO of the Downers Grove app-development firm KeyLimeTie LLC. "There's also something to be said for not carrying around all that paper." Quoted in Helmut Jahn meets iPad: The very best apps for small business.

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