KeyLimeTie Partners with Kindle Communications to Build Custom Event Technology

Whether a small company needs an affordable mobile app solution or a large corporation wants an interactive website for their annual sales meeting, KeyLimeTie is ready to tackle the project. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, KeyLimeTie specializes in building custom web and mobile technologies to help other company’s excel in their business plans.

Recently, KeyLimeTie partnered with Kindle Communications, a strategic event and communications agency in Chicago, to deliver new technology projects for their clients. The first was an iPad app for a corporate sales meeting. KeyLimeTie’s dedicated project manager worked side-by-side with the team at Kindle Communications to deliver the project on time and at a fair price. The iPad app allowed participants at the meeting to watch videos about new products, to view the agenda for the day, take surveys to earn points, and even chat with other participants about the experience.

“It was a pleasure working with Kindle and making sure we delivered a product up to their high demand and tight deadlines,” said Dan Strabbing, project manager for KeyLimeTie. “My team takes pride in exceeding expectations, and I definitely believe we did on this project as the Kindle team sent us a thank you note saying ‘We’re so lucky to have found a technology partner who is willing and extremely able to help us come up with innovative enhancements to our initial ideas.’”

A second project between KeyLimeTie and Kindle involved building an interactive website for a tight-knit corporation that wanted to give their geographically-challenged employees an easier way to get to know each other. The result was a website featuring approximately 300 employees of the company that was filterable by different hobby tags such as biking, fishing, etc. The main goal was to give the staff members at the company an interactive way to get to know each other.

KeyLimeTie aims to be a strategic partner with agencies to build unique web and app solutions for corporate events and beyond. “When companies have creative ideas for web technologies but not the resources to develop them in-house, that is when our team at KeyLimeTie enters the picture and when we really shine,” said Strabbing.