App of the Week: 15 Seconds of Fame with the Instagram App Video Update

I’ve chronicled my life events via Instagram since a vacation to San Diego and Las Vegas back in October 2011. Instagram was a fabulous way to take photos of giant pandas and document debauchery (eating too much good food and drinking one too many margaritas by the Encore pool). Even now in 2013, I am still a loyal user of Instagram despite the plethora of new photography apps flooding into the app stores. These days, I even find myself opening Instagram more than Facebook and definitely way more than Twitter. And, I still don’t use Vine despite all the hype.

So yesterday when the office started buzzing about the launch of video on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to make my first Instagram video masterpiece. I rounded up a few of the KeyLimeTie staff and tried it out. It was a pretty intuitive function to utilize. You simply choose photo or video via the respective icon, and then press and hold to create your 15 second video. Once 15 seconds comes to a close or you end the video yourself, you have the option to pick a new video filter such as Stinson, Vesper, Skyline, and more.

You even get to select your cover frame for the video. To me, this is what makes the Instagram video function a huge win. Selecting your cover frame ensures that Instagram continues to function the same as it did prior to the addition of video functioning. Users can still scroll through the app quickly to see what friends are posting and can choose to watch any videos by holding down the camera icon that appears on the photos that are video. This is a major score in my book for Instagram---continuity of service is what we love! They added an ingredient without ruining the flavor.

Are you documenting your life in photos with Instagram? If not, what are you waiting for? Download it today, it’s our recommended, must-have mobile app of the week. 

Make sure you get your 15 seconds of Instagram fame by making a video! Looking for more details on the launch of video on Instagram, click here.