Integrating Mobile into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Can you remember a day when you were not reliant on your smartphone? How many times a day do you pull your iPhone out of your pocket just to check the time? And, fancy timepieces are not the only technology to be taken over by Android phones and tablets. These days more and more people are giving up desktop computers and laptops to manage email, read books, and surf the web on the more portable and the more affordable technology such as smartphones and tablets.

Needless to say, this phenomenon is making mobile an extremely important part of your digital marketing strategy. Your business needs to have a mobile presence of some kind or another beyond your traditional website. If you are not already integrating mobile into your marketing plan and budget, the perfect time to start is now!

The top two ways to integrate mobile seamlessly into your digital marketing strategy is to create a custom mobile app for your business as well as to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Once you have these two mobile pieces in place, you can branch out into the overwhelming territory of mobile advertising (more on that in another post).

Developing a custom mobile application to promote your business does not have to be an expensive undertaking. With the powerful advancements in mobile technology and design over the past few years, there are many efficient and affordable options to get the job done. Take for example MojoBistro, which allows restaurant owners to build custom iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps for their business at an extremely affordable rate and at the same time loaded with interactive features. Or you can partner with a web development company such as KeyLimeTie to develop a completely unique mobile application for your business.

It is important to think outside of the box when you are developing a mobile app for your company. There are millions of apps in the various app stores so your app will need to standout. Start by brainstorming what makes your business unique. What can you add to your app to give your end user a perk that will entice them to keep your mobile app on their phone for more than a hot minute?

For instance, KeyLimeTie created an app for the Naperville Running Company that includes a pace calculator. So the app functions as more than just a marketing component for the business, it also has added benefit for the customer or end user. Plus, adding a value component to your mobile app will increase customer engagement and the likelihood users will keep your app prominently on their smartphones. In the case of the Naperville Running Company mobile apps, the user is able to utilize the app on their daily runs thus giving them a perk and reminding them about the brand—keeping the running shop top of mind.

The second step to integrating mobile into your marketing strategy is to make sure your company’s website is optimized for viewing on a smartphone or tablet. If you have not touched your website in years then most likely it is not optimized for mobile. Pull your website up on your iPhone and check it out.

Need to revamp your website for mobile and possibly discuss a mobile app, then contact KeyLimeTie today!