Updating your Website Design for a Mobile World

Do you spend the majority of your time surfing the Internet on a tablet, computer, or mobile device? When you visit your favorite website on each of these gadgets does it look the same to you?

Many businesses are rethinking traditional website design featuring a static homepage in favor of more modern websites with a responsive homepage. What does the mean? This means that one website works on all gadgets. Responsive website design is a logical next step in this mobile-crazed world. Here is a quick breakdown of website types for the beginner:

· [Traditional Website] If your favorite website appears on your iPhone Internet browser as a mini-version of the way it views on your computer, then the business has a traditional website.

· [Mobile Optimized Website] If the website appears similar to the way it appears on your computer but in a more visually appealing and organized manor, most likely the business has optimized their original website to appear more user-friendly on mobile devices.

· [Responsive Website Design (RWD)] If the website appears eerily similar yet slightly different on each device you surf the Internet on, then the website is most likely built with responsive design. Good Examples: Culver’s, Starbucks, Grey Goose.*

The easiest way to test a website to see if it is a responsive design is to grab the bottom right hand corner of the web browser and slowly and steadily drag it to the left. Responsive design is built with fluid grids allowing the website to respond quickly to the size the user makes the browser window. Thus, appearing on all devices in the most user-friendly and eye-catching manor. Responsive design adapts design to device and ultimately enhances the user experience.

Additional benefits of responsive design include allowing for a single source of content resulting in less development costs and less maintenance as well as the convenience of building the website one time and having it work with a consumer’s mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Are you interested in exploring the world of responsive design? Contact us today!

*These are some of our staff’s favorite responsive web designs, but these sites were not created by us.