Should your Business Develop a Mobile App or a Responsive Website?

Recently, a question was posed on LinkedIn as to whether or not a business should invest in a mobile app. The basis for the inquiry was to point out the efficiency of this mega-trend over other current and traditional methods.

The first thing a company needs to have before making this decision is a strategy, documenting what the objectives and goals are and the possible technologies that will accomplish them. In this blog post, we are going to look at the pros of creating mobile apps vs. responsive websites.

Here are three foundational pros of a Mobile App:

1. User Experience: Native apps have a better UX across the board. You should consider touch screen navigation, interactive features, and the incorporated use of other phone features such as GPS and cameras. You have so much to work with compared to other mobile optimized solutions.

2. User Engagement: Mobile apps can significantly increase your user engagement and keep your company relevant by taking advantage of some unique characteristics like social, interactivity, real-time, and geo-location.

3. Works Offline: A mobile app is available offline. Content is provided or referenced within the package.

Here are three pros of a Responsive Website:

1. Single Website and URL: This option covers all devices as content is adjusted based on the device and screen size. No redirects are necessary, which can be annoying on slower connections.

2. SEO: More efficient and can be easier as you do not need to create separate content for a mobile website. However, you do still have to think about what information makes it on the mobile-sized site. A good rule of thumb is to design for the mobile size first and add as you get to larger desktop views. This way your most important content is the focal point at all times.

3. Cost: The cost of a responsive site is usually quite a bit less than a customized mobile app, and there is no extra maintenance required. However, there are companies that have invested a lot of money into solving some common business problems with a mobile app and made that platform available to the market at a lower cost than designing frameworks from scratch.

Overall, the goals of your company should be thoroughly reviewed before making your decision. The technology that best provides the functionality you need and the convenience for the customer should tip the scales in the direction you need to go.

Even if Mobile Apps and/or Responsive Websites are only the latest trends, we have to consider them seriously as all trends are based on a similar, very important notion... they have the POWER to influence A LOT of people, which is what we all strive for in marketing. You just have to find the right formula and use it correctly to turn it into something that will be successful and lasting for your business.

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